National Weather Service & NOAA Endure Federal Government Shutdown

National Weather Service & NOAA Endure Federal Government Shutdown

As the Federal Government Shutdown is in it's second day, meteorologists at the National Weather Service are also enduring the shutdown, and that could risk life and property.
WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA (WHAG) - We've been talking a lot about the Federal Government Shutdown over the past few days, and we're learning more about other factors in the shutdown, and that includes the Weather Enterprise as well.

The National Weather Service is just one of the entities of the Federal Government, and the National Weather Service's parent organization, the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is not exempt from the shutdown, and on Wednesday, a group of lawmakers spoke on Capitol Hill about how this is affecting the weather side of the government. 

As members of the House of Representatives and the Senate are unable to come to a solution on a way to fund the Federal Government, the folks at portions of NOAA are continuing to work even though the Government is shutdown. One meteorologist who specializes in storm surge and hurricane forecasts, even as the one year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy approaches says, that she is frustrated and wants to get back to work with hurricane season in full swing.

"I'm furloughed, I can't go to work. If something should happen during the rest of hurricane season, I'm like the rest of American's furloughed, and I can't do my job. And right now, were making critical improvements to those models and we want to get back to work", says Amy Fritz, Meteorologist for the National Weather Service. 

Certain parts of NOAA have been labeled as essential since their mission is to protect life and property, and federal meteorologists are continuing to work as the shutdown continues. 

Meteorologists at National Weather Service Forecast Offices all over the county, Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma, as well as the National Hurricane Center in Miami, Florida are all continuing to work even though they are not getting paid right now, as well as certain NOAA websites are continuing to function through the shutdown. 
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