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Stephanie's Friday Forecast 11/29

A sunny weekend is in the works for most of our forecast.
Hello and Happy Friday!  :)

TODAY: Mostly sunny.  HIGH: 38.  Winds:  North 5-10 MPH.  

TONIGHT:  Mostly cloudy.  LOW:  23.  Winds:  North-East 5-10 MPH.  

SATURDAY: Mostly cloudy.  HIGH: 40, LOW: 25.  Winds:  South 5-10 MPH.  

SUNDAY: Clouds and sunshine.   HIGH: 42, LOW: 29.

MONDAY: A mix of clouds and sunshine.  HIGH: 42, LOW: 30. 

TUESDAY: Mostly cloudy. HIGH: 42, LOW: 30.

WEDNESDAY: Clouds and plenty of sunshine.  HIGH: 43, LOW: 32.  

THURSDAY:  Mostly cloudy, rain showers.  HIGH:  42,  LOW: 33.  

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