Stephanie's Monday Evening Forecast 7/21/14

Stephanie's Monday Evening Forecast 7/21/14

We've had a good mix of sunshine and clouds today and most of us even stayed dry -- this trend will continue into Tuesday with higher humidity and more sunshine...
High pressure will continue to push off the coast Tuesday with a cold front behind it expected to arrive by Thursday.  We have the chance of a leftover shower tonight and then a hit or miss storm on Tuesday with high humidity.  We’ll be back in the 90’s by Wednesday, but with the passage of a cold front temperatures will be in the low 80s by Thursday.  

Tuesday:  Hit or miss thunderstorm in the afternoon, most spots will stay dry though.  HIGH:  87,  LOW: 70.

Wednesday:  Mostly sunny with a chance of storms. HIGH: 90,  LOW: 70.

Thursday:  Storms likely.  HIGH:  82,  LOW:  63. 

Friday:  Mostly sunny and less humid.  HIGH:  82,  LOW:  62.  

Saturday:  Mostly sunny.  HIGH:  83,  LOW:  64.

Sunday:  A chance of storms.  HIGH:  84,   LOW:  66.

Monday:  Mostly cloudy and a chance of storms.  HIGH:  81,  LOW:  63.  
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