Stephanie's Saturday Forecast 12/21

Stephanie's Saturday Forecast 12/21

The first day of winter brings us warm temperatures with highs in the upper 50s across the 4State region.
Happy Saturday and Winter Solstice! 

TODAY:  Unseasonably mild temperatures with plenty of clouds, chance of scattered rain showers. HIGH:  58.  Wind: South 8-12 MPH.

TONIGHT:  Very mild and cloudy, with a chance of scattered rain showers.  Very windy in some spots.  LOW:  53.  Wind: South 15-20 MPH. 

SUNDAY:  Clouds and rain showers.  Possibility of reaching new record high temperatures.   HIGH:  68,  LOW:  49.  Wind:  South 10-20 MPH.

MONDAY:  Mostly cloudy.  HIGH:  47,  LOW:  29.

TUESDAY:  Mostly sunny.  HIGH:  36,  LOW:  19.

WEDNESDAY:  Partly cloudy.  HIGH:  36,  LOW:  25.

THURSDAY:  Partly sunny.  HIGH:  41,  LOW:  28.

FRIDAY:  Mostly sunny.  HIGH:  40,  LOW:   25.

--Meteorologist Stephanie Sine 
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