Stephanie's Sunday Forecast 5/18/14

Stephanie's Sunday Forecast 5/18/14

Today will be on the chilly side, but temperatures will start to warm up towards the middle of the week...

TODAY:  High pressure will move in from the Ohio Valley today, keeping things dry.  We will be 5-10° below seasonal averages today, with highs in the mid to upper 60’s. Tonight will dip back down in the 30’s.


Monday:  Mostly sunny as high pressure stays put overhead.  HIGH:  72,  LOW:  46.


Tuesday:  Mostly sunny, evening rain. HIGH:  75,  LOW:  58. 


Wednesday:  Showers and thunderstorms possible.  HIGH:  82,  LOW:  60. 


Thursday:  Partly sunny.   HIGH:  81,  LOW:  55.


Friday:  A chance of rain showers, partly sunny.  HIGH:  76,  LOW:  55.


Saturday:  Mostly sunny, pleasant.  HIGH:  75,  LOW:  54.   

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