Stephanie's Sunday Forecast 6/15/14

Stephanie's Sunday Forecast 6/15/14

Calm weather for Father's Day, but we'll have a chance of afternoon storms on Monday...

Today:  We’re back to seasonable temperatures today, although we had a chilly start.  Mostly sunny as high pressure stays with us today.  HIGH:  81,  LOW:  59.  Winds:  Light and variable. 


Monday:  Partly sunny and a chance of afternoon storms.  HIGH:  88,  LOW:  67. 


Tuesday:  A chance of thunderstorms.  HIGH:  89,  LOW:  68. 


Wednesday:  Very hot with a chance of storms.  HIGH:  90,  LOW:  70. 


Thursday:  A chance of thunderstorms.  HIGH:  88,  LOW:  67. 


Friday:  A chance of thunderstorms.  HIGH:  86,  LOW:  68. 


Saturday:  A chance of thunderstorms.  HIGH:  85,  LOW:  65. 


--Meteorologist Stephanie Sine 

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