Stephanie's Wednesday Forecast 12/11

Stephanie's Wednesday Forecast 12/11

Wednesday will be sunny for most of us but chilly as well. Temperatures will go into the teens tonight, with windchills reaching sub-zero temperatures in some regions.
Good Wednesday Morning to everyone! 

TODAY:  Watch for black ice this morning as overnight temperatures were in the low 20s in most regions, many spots may be slick and frozen Wednesday morning.  Mostly sunny throughout the day.  HIGH:  32.  Wind:  West 5-10 MPH.  

TONIGHT:  Mostly cloudy and very cold.   Wind chills may be below zero in some areas tonight.   LOW:  16. Wind:  Southwest 5-10 MPH.

THURSDAY:  Mostly sunny and very cold.  HIGH:  26,  LOW:  15.  

FRIDAY:  Mostly sunny.  HIGH:  35,  LOW: 27.  

SATURDAY:  Rain and snow.  Mostly cloudy.  HIGH:  34, LOW:  30.

SUNDAY:  Early snow showers.  Mostly cloudy.  HIGH:  38,  LOW:  15. 

MONDAY:  Mostly sunny.  HIGH:  29,  LOW:  14.  

TUESDAY:  Partly sunny.  HIGH:  34,  LOW:  23.

-- Meteorologist Stephanie Sine 
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