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Wal-Mart Employee Held Hostage, Winchester Police Impersonator

A Winchester man is facing multiple charges after his alleged involvement with two separate incidents, including what police are calling a hostage situation.
Peter Holland
Peter Holland

WINCHESTER, Va. - Peter Holland, along with his accomplices, Kimberly Stonesifer and a black male who has yet to be identified, allegedly held a Wal-Mart employee hostage at the America’s Best Value Inn from April 24, to April 25.

"The male victim was employed at Wal-Mart. He got off work. When he was leaving the parking lot, he was approached by a [Stonesifer] who asked for a ride,” said Sergeant Frank Myrtle with the Winchester Police Department.

The victim agreed to drive Stonesifer and Holland to a residence, but when they arrived, court documents say that Holland and the unidentified black male, who was waiting at the house, threatened the victim.

"The black male had shown the victim a baseball bat, and the also the caucasian male displayed what appeared to be a handgun," said Myrtle.

They allegedly forced the victim to drive to America’s Best Value Inn, where they checked in to a room and smoked crack. Court documents say they offered crack to the victim, but he refused.

Over the time the victim was held hostage at the motel, the accomplices forced him to drive to different locations to get snacks, money and more crack.

"They drove to the Sheetz located on Valley Avenue, at which point the victim withdrew money from his bank account and gave to the male," said Myrtle.

Court documents say around 3:00 AM, the victim was able to text his roommate, “Ummm I’m in hell I’m held hostage.” The roommate contacted Winchester Police around 6:00 AM after waking up and seeing the text message. Police made contact with the victim at his residence around 7:00 AM, after he had returned home.

Along with Holland’s alleged involvement in the hostage situation, Winchester Police arrested him two days later, after they say he impersonated a police officer in the 1300 block of Berryville Avenue.

"The way he was impersonating a police officer was by knocking on the victim's door stating Winchester police, open up,” said Lauren Cummings, a spokesperson for the Winchester Police Department.

Holland was charged with impersonating a police officer and possession of marijuana, and is being held without bond at the northwestern regional adult detention center.

"The charge[s have] nothing to do with what he was wearing. He was actually dressed in all black. He was not dressed in any sort of police officer uniform," said Cummings.

Holland, Stonesifer and the unidentified male accomplice have yet to be charged with anything related to the hostage situation.

"The individuals involved have not been arrested. We are consulting with our Commonwealth attorney prior to placing any charges,” said Myrtle.

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