Darcé Easton Wins People's Choice Award

Darcé Easton Wins People's Choice Award

"The most rewarding thing is that I'm able to do it! At 83 it's nice to be able to do it!" said Darcé.
HAGERSTOWN, Md. - The Community Foundation of Washington County is honoring three individuals for their volunteer work. Darcé Easton is one of those award winners.

One local woman has dedicated her entire life to serving others, whether it be at the hospital or here at the miller house, among other things. And she says she was very surprised when she found out she was one of this year's award winners for the community foundation of Washington County.

"My first reaction was, 'Gee, it's good to hear good things said about yourself before you die,'" said Darcé.

And nothing but good things are being said about Darcé. The Washington County native is a longtime volunteer at Meritus Hospital, a docent at the Miller House, and still active in her church community.

Not to mention the time she spends with her family; one son, one daughter, two grandchildren and seven great-grandkids, with another on the way.

Darcé keeps busy.

"That's the secret to living. You have to keep busy. Keep your mind and body busy," she said.

"She was here, i think one day when she really wasn't even feeling well. And trooper as she was, got through the whole evening," said Linda Irvin-Craig, who works with Darcé at the Miller House.

And that's just part of Darcé's attitude and personality.

"She knows what she wants to do, and she conveys this wonderful energy, positive energy in every place she goes," said Irvin-Craig.

Darcé says volunteering is just what she does, but knowing she's receiving this award has given her a feeling of self-worth and self-satisfaction.

"The most rewarding thing is that I'm able to do it! At 83 it's nice to be able to do it!" said Darcé.

Darcé designated her five thousand dollar award to the Washington County Historical Society.

And Darcé says she hopes to continue volunteering for the next 20 years.

Congratulations, Darcé Easton.
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