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Driver Safety Week Not Just For Teens

"Parents are very important in the state of Maryland Graduated Licensing Process. We encourage them to come to the first day of class as we drive with the students."
HAGERSTOWN, Md. - Monday kicks off teen driver safety week and local driving schools are helping prepare teens, as well as adult drivers, for the road.

The theme for teen driver safety week is “It Takes Two,” encouraging communication and education between both students and parents.

The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration said it's important for parents to remember they play a critical role in preparing their teens for the challenges and responsibility they'll face with getting a license.

One owner of a local driving school, Joe Widmyer, says it should be something teens and their parents think about every day of the year, not just this week.

"Parents are very important in the state of Maryland Graduated Licensing Process,” said Widmyer. “We encourage them to come to the first day of class, as we drive with the students, we like the instructor to meet and talk with the students and we encourage parents to stay involved with their new driver. Even after their new driver is licensed, please stay involved in your student's driving."

Widmyer also encourages parents to remind their kids about the dangers that go with getting behind a wheel.

"One of the problems with teen drivers is, they do not see driving as a high risk activity. They do not think it's a risky activity to undertake, so one of the things we try to do and parents should remind their teens is that driving is a high risk activity," said Widmyer.

We took a ride with Joe Widmyer to see how students learn.  Part of Widmyer's lesson: all good kids like milk.

This is an easy way for students to remember good habits.
•Aim high in steering
•Get the big picture
•Keep your eyes moving
•Leave yourself an ‘out’
•and Make sure they see you.

Widmyer said teens are four times more likely to get into an auto accident than more experienced drivers.

Teen driver safety week runs all this week, but is advocating for the adult and teen connection all year.
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