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"Eat Sleep Run Grow" to help Empower Women

Vendors and speakers addressed issues of domestic violence and sexual assault, advising women to gain confidence through a healthy lifestyle.

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - The all women's college, Wilson's College hosted their Second Annual "Eat Sleep Run Grow" event, empowered to motivate women in gaining confidence.

This year, there were 32 vendors along with local speakers addressing the issues women face nowadays, such as domestic violence and sexual assault.

"I believe it was one in three women will be sexually assaulted before the age of 16 at least once, and then one in six boys could be sexually assaulted before the age of 16 at least once, so those numbers are very high," says Jeannie Gird, counselor advocate of "Women in Need."

Healthy lifestyles were promoted through educational cooking lessons and fitness instructors provided demonstrations.

"Always look for positive reinforcement so when it comes to goal setting, be smart about the goals that you're setting, making them realistic, making them attainable, making them at a timely manner setting rewards along the way," says Melissa Miley, owner of "Believe and Achieve."

The event targeted females of all ages in gaining confidence through a healthy lifestyle.

"Every women's confidence builder is different. We're not all runners, we're not all bikers. We have so many different talents, we just want to offer it so that there is a thought you can think 'okay, I can be more than just the mom or the caregiver,' “says Brenda Miller, event coordinator.

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