Elementary Rezoning Issue Finalized

Elementary Rezoning Issue Finalized

The Frederick County, Virginia Public School Board voted on the recent elementary rezoning issue Tuesday night.

Frederick County, Va. - The Frederick County (VA) Public School Board voted on the recent elementary rezoning issue last night.

"The initial motion that was made, and failed on a final three to four vote, would have left students in sub zone one at Greenwood Mill as opposed to moving them to Evendale," said Steve Edwards, Communications Coordinator for Frederick County Public Schools.

After that vote failed, the board voted on proposed Option B as was originally proposed. They passed Option B by a four to three vote, and expect the rezoning to take place at the start of the 2014-2015 school year.

"The school board took action last night - and adopted rezoning Option B which was one of the two options that was forwarded to the school board by the rezoning committee,” Edwards said. “Option B was actually the option that was preferred by the rezoning committee."

The vote displaces almost 250 students, and affects seven out of the 11 elementary schools - however that's only about six percent of all elementary students in Frederick County Public Schools.

"The other action that the board took last night related to the rezoning is to allow rising fifth grade students the opportunity to remain at their current elementary school for the next school year, provided that their parent or guardian provide them with transportation," Edwards said.

That also passed and will take affect at the same time as the new rezoning, as the start of the 2014-2015 school year.

Households affected will receive a letter in the mail within the coming weeks, notifying them of the rezoning.    

Schools that will be receiving new students are planning on holding meet and greets in the spring of 2014 to ease with the transition.

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