Experts: Cold-Related Home Issues Can Be Prevented

Experts: Cold-Related Home Issues Can Be Prevented

Recent freezing and thawing can cause major issues in your home.
HAGERSTOWN, Md. -- The recent freezing and thawing can cause major issues in your home.

"We've had hundred's of service calls related to heat as well as frozen pipes," said Michael Corbett, President of Larry & Sons, Inc. in Hagerstown. They specialize in heating, plumbing and air conditioning.

All kinds of pipes have the potential to expand and contract with the temperatures, and Michael said it's the wind that helped push the temperatures below zero, and also could have caused pipes to become damaged.

"Fitting may have been compromised, pulled apart, now when the warm up, when the temperature warms up those pipes are going to thaw out and you're going to see some bursting yet," said Corbett.

The experts say not to fret, there are a few things you can do.

"Make sure it has heat. So, get a small heater in the basement or crawl space. Plug up all your outside crawl space vents, you see those foundation vents, close those up, throw some insulation in them so we don't have that cross wind," Corbett said.

The experts say another area that sometimes homeowners overlook? Windows.

"I've found with the flex in temperatures, glass windows, unfortunately because of the stress of the home, the home moves, there may not be as much give in some of the glass that’s put in. Even in my own home, I noticed one pane of glass had cracked this past freeze," he said.

If your pipes do freeze, there isn't much you can do until they thaw out, just wait for Mother Nature to warm up, or get your own heater.

And some more tips include making sure you have enough fuel to heat your home.

And experts advise investing in a back up generator to keep everything running smoothly, especially during these winter months.
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