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Family Devastated Over Desecration to Mother's Masoleum

Heart broken and sadness, there is no easier way to describe the anguish for the Newcomb family of Charles Town.

EASTERN PANHANDLE, WV- With a couple of arrests made in connection to the jewelry thefts from the mausoleums in Martinsburg, there is some closure for the families whose loved ones' resting places were desecrated. However, for some the pain will not go away.

Heart broken and sadness, there is no easier way to describe the anguish for the Newcomb family of Charles Town, when they found out their beloved mother and grandmother Iline Sealey's mausoleum was broken into back in May.

"Our families are devastated, we thought we laid our mother to rest in peace and her body was disturbed," said Beverly Newcomb, whose mother's mausoleum was broken into.

Iline Sealey has been at her final resting place, since March of last year. Sealey was placed with her jewelry, because they were personalized items.  A year later the unthinkable happened when Beverly Newcomb heard that the mausoleum was busted into with the jewelry gone. On that day say said her heart sank to the ground wondering how someone could do such a thing.  

"Knowing the fight that my mother had fought for seven years of cancer, her defenseless body was robbed, to tell my children that what had happened broke our hearts all over again," said Newcomb.

The hardest part for the Newcomb family was waiting and wondering if the case would be cracked. Then they received the news they were waiting for.  

"It was just a relief that we had a least knew that the state police did us justice and that they were really working on our case," said Newcomb.

As for David Bowers and Richard Ruffner, the men who were arrested for allegedly breaking into the caskets and using the jewelry for cash to purchase drugs, Newcomb said she’s glad they're behind bars.  

"It sickens me that they are using their addiction as an excuse for this act they did, is indescribable. I can't believe that there are addicts out there that would actually stoop this low," said Newcomb.

Newcomb said her mother can now rest in peace.

Since the day the Sealey Masoleum was tampered with, the Newcombs have visited the site five times.

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