Fans Looking Forward to Football Season

Fans Looking Forward to Football Season

Local fans are ready for the 2013 football season.
HAGERSTOWN, MD - We're heading full swing into the fall season, and much of America is looking forward to football, including right here in the Four-State-Area.

Greene Turtle General Manager, Matt Bjerklie says, "Now is the time with football season and fall coming around where everybody gets back into their regular routines and comes out to see us and have a good time."

Defending Super Bowl Champions Baltimore Ravens played the Denver Broncos Thursday night.

Local fans are ready for the action.

"I like good games, I don't like blow outs," says Rick Kerby, Red Skins and Ravens fan. "I like to see some good competition, close games. I like to see some hard-hitting, if you're talking about football, and I like to see my teams win."

But winning is just one part of the game. Another fan says the game brings her home team together for a night of bonding.

"We watch it as a family," says Denise Blake. "It's a fun activity to watch as a family. It gets the kids involved and it's something that you can actually watch all together."

And while fans WHAG spoke with say the Ravens have a tough shot at gaining the title again this year, they say isn't all about the Super Bowl.

"It's bringing all the football teams to watch football, for all the kids or everybody else," says Bjerklie. "We get to throw out some crazy beer specials and we get to throw out some crazy food specials."

A crazy passion for the game, and for American culture.

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