First Calf at 2013 Fair is Born, More on the Way

First Calf at 2013 Fair is Born, More on the Way

The first calf of the 2013 Great Frederick Fair is born. Meet Licorice and find out what other animals will give birth this week at the Frederick Fairgrounds.
FREDERICK, Md. - One of the biggest traditions of The Great Frederick Fair is underway at The Birthing Center.

"Licorice," is the first calf born at the 2013 Great Frederick Fair. The newborn is said to being doing well and is now resting.

“[Licorice is] at the Milky Way, which is an area of the fair where we invite everyone to see many different breeds of dairy cows, and to see the calf and to learn more about dairy farming, and farming in general,” says Dr. John Flynn, a local veterinarian.

Crowds come out to The Birthing Center to see the births and wait patiently for that special moment.

“It's really an amazing thing. I love it, to watch the cows give birth, and I guess just watching the people. They're reaction when they've never seen it before, they're amazed,” says fair volunteer Bill Routzahn. Routzahn says he had been volunteering at The Birthing Center for more than a decade.

“We were interested in seeing some of the things going on, the birthing of the animals, we have to come back later and wait and see,” says Joan Norcross of New Market, Md.

Dr. Flynn and volunteers says they’re there to help the animals give birth and teach the public about the process.

“It's a way of life on the farm and people get to see first hand how a farmer, what they have to go through on a farm everyday. The farms, plus they have to deal with the animals and make sure they're healthy. They have births going all the time at the farm, so this is a main part of a farm- producing and having your livestock continuously grow, this is one of the main processes,” says Routzahn.

Two cows are expected to give birth next and a pig is expected to give birth Wednesday.

Some of the new baby pigs drew quite the crowd Sunday, so if you’re going to the Fair, many agree it’s a sight you won’t want to miss.

The Great Frederick Fair runs through Saturday September 21st and The Birthing Center is expected to be open all week long. For more information and a schedule of events, head to

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