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Former Treasurer Of Middletown Speaks Up

Council members would not say why they fired her, but Stacey Harrison has reached out to WHAG.

Middletown, Va. - Last week the treasurer of Middletown, Stacey Harrison, was abruptly fired by the town council in a 4 to 1 vote. 

Council members would not say why, but Harrison has reached out to WHAG with a few comments.

She says she is not a suspect in the embezzlement investigation that she first reported to Mayor Charles Harbaugh shortly after taking office in October 2013.

She's fully cooperating with police, and also mentioned that Middletown has a history of financial and legal issues.

Harrison served less than 90 days in office before being fired by Town Council. None of the council members chose to comment as to why Harrison was fired.

Mayor Harbaugh released this statement to WHAG regarding the incident: “I was not for the firing of our Treasurer, I thought she did a nice job so far with the town. However the vote was 4-1, and I wish her the best on her job search.”

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