Four-State Region Prepares for Colder Weather and Snow

Four-State Region Prepares for Colder Weather and Snow

Just when it seems like temperatures are starting to look up, the forecast says the four state region is about to get slammed by another cold front.

HAGERSTOWN, Md. - The four-state region is expected to get hit with more cold weather and snow on Tuesday. Fairly mild temperatures stuck around Monday afternoon as residents were out prepping for what's to come. 

"Oh man I will say not another round of it again! Plus with the snow on top of that," said Todd Shanton, a resident.

Many anxious residents were out heading to the grocery stores to stock up.

"I decided to get to the store to stock up on snacks, sodas, milk, bread and everything," said Shanton.

While some shoppers may have a tendency to over-stock even when a cold front might only last a day or two, officials with the Hagerstown Fire Department say there is good reason to prepare ahead of time.

"It's good to be prepared beforehand than to go out when snow and ice begin to fall," said Adam Hopkins of the Hagerstown Fire Department.

Going out during the wintry weather could put you in danger, Hopkins explains. He says it's best to stay home if at all possible. And while you're at it, if you're going to use an alternate heating device, be sure the device is approved for the proper environment you plan to use it in.

But if you do have to go out, Hopkins says be sure to leave room for emergency vehicles when they drive by.

"The big thing is if we're on scene of an accident, give us space as we still have to do our job," said Hopkins.

As the cold front and snow creeps closer by the hour, if you're still planning to hit the grocery stores, beware you could be facing a packed crowd.

"Oh yeah! It's not gonna be just a quick in and out," said Shanton.

Temperatures in Hagerstown are expected to drop to a chilly 12 degrees Tuesday afternoon. 

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