Frederick Apartment Fire Investigation Continues

Frederick Apartment Fire Investigation Continues

Fire officials continue to investigate after two fires broke out at the same apartment complex in Frederick this week.
FREDERICK, Md. - Officials in Frederick County are still investigating after a second fire broke out at the Crystal Park Apartments Thursday night.

The first fire happened Monday, and all residents in that building were displaced. Officials now tell us that six of those units are badly damaged, with an estimated total of $600,000 worth of damage.

Officials say the latest fire from Thursday night was due to an electrical malfunction. They do say it was in another building on the property and that the two fires are not related. The first fire though is still under investigation. Investigators were on scene Friday.

"There was a lot of smoke and obviously as the fire broke out of the roof. It became a sort of, what most people would say, an all inspiring moment when you see that much fire coming from the roof of such a large building," said Doug Brown of Frederick County Fire and Rescue Services. "They haven't determined a cause yet [of Monday's fire.] However they have put out an estimate of $6000,000 to the unit. It was a major fire encompassing a three-alarm apparatus, as well as a rapid intervention dispatch."

One firefighter and one resident were injured in Monday's fire.

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