Frederick Businesses Feel Shutdown's Impact

Frederick Businesses Feel Shutdown's Impact

Tuesday marks day two of the government shutdown, and some businesses in Frederick County, Maryland say they’re already feeling that impact.

FREDERICK COUNTY, Md. - Tuesday marks day two of the government shutdown, and some businesses in Frederick County say they’re already feeling that impact. 

On a typical Tuesday, employees at Pizza Blitz say their dining room is packed during lunchtime. Tuesday the scene was quit different. 

Pizza Blitz is across the street from Fort Detrick in Frederick, and its owner says business is already hurting just two days into the government shutdown. Lunchtime on Tuesday the restaurant said they made about ten pizza pies and they sat on their counter. 

“Business today is very bad, more than 50 percent business lost today. Normally I do between 60 and 70 [pies], and today I made no more than ten,” said Juan Hernandez, part-owner at Pizza Blitz. 

So, just how hard will the government shutdown impact this area?

More than 2,000 employees of Fort Detrick aren’t at work because of the shutdown, and experts say the impact is likely to hit more than just the businesses surrounding the Fort.

“You see things already, where people can't get into the monuments in D.C. and some of the free things that are in the area. We have parks in Frederick County and the surrounding communities, and obviously that can impact the tourism industry as well, so they may be one of the earliest areas to be hit by the shutdown,” said Marty Crabbs, Business Program Manager at Frederick Community College.

Crabbs says the last government shutdown back in the 90’s meant billions of dollars of lost revenue. 

“In 1995 the government did shutdown for close to a month, at least a partial shutdown, and there was an impact on the economy. Billions of dollars of revenues was lost, airlines lost money, people in tourism, and we can expect something similar if this goes on too long,” said Crabbs. 

“I hope it will end [the shutdown] soon because if the situation continues you like this, there'll be a lot if trouble for employees and stuff. It's not good for us,” said Hernandez.

Other businesses in the area also expressed their concerns and say their businesses have seen a difference, one they hope doesn’t continue much longer. 

How is the shutdown impacting you and your community? We want to hear from you, you can e-mail Shayna Halper at or 

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