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Frederick Clustered Spires High Wheel Race

High wheel cyclists took the streets of downtown Frederick Saturday for the Clustered Spires Bike Race.
FREDERICK, Md. - High wheel cyclist took the streets of downtown Frederick Saturday for the Clustered Spires Bike Race.

The race is one of only four known in the world.

People came from all over to participate in the event, and spectators lined the streets checking out the antique bikes, some of them, originals from the 1800’s.

The race is the only one of its kind in the United States.

Riders say it’s more than just a race, but a chance to bond with others they have may have never met.

“This is the most fun and competitive style race I've done, and like I've said the people are interesting, so you know who you're riding with, no one takes it too seriously, but everyone has a great time. The thing about the Frederick race is the crowd responds, so it’s like being in a race and a parade all at the same time,” says Rider Brian Caron of Hagerstown.

The winner last year completed 42 laps in one hour.

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