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Frederick Co. Public Schools Introduce Special Holiday Mascot

Officials say he plans on keeping students and parents updated with FCPS happenings and important information via social media.

Winchester, Va. - Fredrick County Public Schools (FCPS) are taking their social media marketing to the next level.

Their new holiday mascot, Frosty, is generating a lot of buzz with students and parents in the district.

“FCPS Frosty is a snowman who appeared last week in one of our schools,” said Steve Edwards, Communication Coordinator for FCPS. “After we approached him to find out what he was doing, we found out he had an interest during the holiday season in learning a little bit more about Frederick County Public Schools.”

And so far, that is exactly what Frosty's been doing. Since his debut on December 5th, Frosty has been to visit the superintendent’s office and was first in line at the ticket office for the Sherando High School Football playoff game.

He plans on keeping students and parents updated with FCPS happenings and important information via social media.

"Like any school division that has a Facebook page we are looking to build following on that page, and Frosty's been great in helping us out thus far," said Edwards

Frosty helped the school district generate over 100 new followers in less than 24 hours. People like him so much, that his post, celebrating the first snow day of the year, was the second most viewed post in the history of the school districts Facebook page.

"We have been on Facebook for about a year. And the great thing about Frosty that we've learned is people are really interested in where he is going to be,” said Edwards. “And so it is helping to generate additional likes for our Facebook page, which are great, because that is a great resource to get information about the many great things going on across our school division."

Despite being a super-fan of FCPS, in person, Frosty is a man of few words.

"He tends to communicate like most of our students do, using their cell phone and taking photos and then forwarding those to us. He checks in frequently and then as we hear from him, we post his latest information up on our Facebook page."

It’s a Facebook page that will be sure to document the rest of Frosty's holiday adventures.

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