Frederick County Considering to Rezone Elementary Schools

Frederick County Considering to Rezone Elementary Schools

It’s a decision that could put your child in another school next year.

Winchester, Va. - The Frederick County School Board is considering rezoning eight of its 11 elementary schools, just in time for the 2014 school year.

"We plan on moving to full-day kindergarten next year,” said Steve Edwards, the Coordinator for Policy and Communications for Frederick County Public Schools. “We need to be able to balance out our elementary school students in order to accomplish that."

The school board also thinks rezoning will help them handle the projected growth of students in the coming years. And while that sounds like a good plan, parents of impacted children tend to have a strong opinion on the issue.

"It's an emotional issue for people, and there will be some people who will like the options under consideration, and conversely there will be some people who are opposed to that,” said Edwards.

There are two options that have been submitted. One that would affect the students at Redbud Run Elementary School, and one that would not.

"Under ‘Option B’ there would 247 current students who would be impacted, and under ‘Option A’ 310 students that would be impacted," Edwards said.

The board is recommending Option B - which would displace less students, and leave Redbud Run Elementary out of those impacted. However, another seven elementary schools would still receive either an influx or loss of students.

"On December 17 the school board will be holding a public hearing on the rezoning,” said Edwards. “It will give individuals another opportunity to come and share their views with the board on the options that are under consideration." The board has already had two public meetings on the issue.

There has been one motion to allow rising 5th graders to stay at their same public schools next year. However, parents must provide transportation for them.

The hearing will be at Richard E. Byrd Middle School, and will start at 7 p.m. Officials may make a decision at that time, however, the may also defer the decision to January.

Below is a list of the elementary schools that could be affected by rezoning:

  • Apple Pie Ridge Elementary

  • Armel Elementary

  • Evendale Elementary

  • Gainesboro Elementary

  • Greenwood Mill Elementary

  • Indian Hollow Elementary

  • Orchard View Elementary

  • Redbud Run Elementary

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