Frederick County Woman Faces Voter Fraud Charges

Frederick County Woman Faces Voter Fraud Charges

A woman in Frederick County, Maryland has been indicted on several charges of voter fraud.
FREDERICK COUNTY, MD - According to the State Prosecutor's Office, the woman illegally voted during the 2012 Presidential General Election.  

The Frederick County Grand Jury indicted the woman on charges of impersonating another person in an attempt to vote, attempting to vote under a false name, and attempting to vote more than once in the same election.

Local Delegate Kathy Afzali said it’s cases like this one, that make it clear there is voter fraud, and more needs to be done to fight it.  

In the last year, we've had three incidents that were discovered, and only by chance has it been discovered. So there is voter fraud, we know there’s voter fraud. Is it widespread? We don't know if it’s widespread because we don't have anything in place to know,” said Delegate Kathy Afzali, (R) District 4A.

According to court documents, back on November third, Elsie Virginia Schlidt forged her dead mother’s signature on the absentee ballot. Records show Schlidt’s mother died two months before the election. Officials say the ballot was never counted because "An employee of the Frederick County Board of Elections had prior knowledge," of the woman's death.

Delegate Afzali said this case is a cause for concern because there could be others committing these crimes, that haven't been caught.

“We put in place about two years ago in the legislature, a collaboration with the Pew Research Center where we'd have reciprocity in the state, so we could purge the voter roles of just these kind of people, who are deceased or moved to another state. We just haven't seen the bang for the buck, but the good news is these people were caught,” said Afazli.

If convicted, Schlidt could face up to five years and a fine for each charge.

A woman in Montgomery County is also facing voter fraud charges, after officials said she too attempted to vote under her dead mother’s name.

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