Fredericksburg officials confident on Suns deal

Fredericksburg officials confident on Suns deal

The Fredericksburg City Council in Virginia says they're 85 percent sure the Hagerstown Suns will relocate to Virginia.
HAGERSTOWN, Md. -- Hagerstown hasn't struck out just yet when it comes to losing the Suns, but it looks like the city has two strikes. The Fredericksburg City Council is making its first formal offer to the team on August 27.

"At this point, as I said, I give it about an 85 percent success potential confidence level, based on my interaction with the team and with city council that we'll be able to reach a suitable and realistic offer," said Frederic Howe, III, Fredericksburg City Councilor.

Now Fredericksburg would spend $6-7 million on a parking facility, then the Suns and its business partner, Diamond Nation, would build a $38 million multi-purpose stadium.

Back in Hagerstown, the City Council says it's 65 percent sure of keeping the Suns in town. City Council member, Kristin Aleshire, said the City is back to square one with reconsidering a multi-purpose stadium downtown.

"For the past eight weeks now, I've been saying over and over, let's have a discussion, let's put it on the agenda, let's just move it forward in some direction, into some resolution on it, but we haven't and that's unfortunate," said Aleshire.

Although one local petition has 17,000 signatures opposing the multi-purpose stadium downtown, many residents say the Suns are a Hagerstown tradition and they'd hate to see them go.

"My family goes regularly to the Suns game. We love it there, we have a lot of friends that go there, and Iknow my son in particular, who is only seven years-old, he would really miss going to the games," says Brett Wilson, local resident.
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