Free Food, Beer for Furloughed in Frederick

Free Food, Beer for Furloughed in Frederick

It’s the fourth day of the government shutdown, and some businesses in the area are offering furloughed employees some freebies.
FREDERICK COUNTY, Md. - The affects of the government shutdown on the local economy are starting to show, and some local businesses in Frederick County, Maryland are offering those furloughed some freebies.

There are free “furlough fritters” at famous chef Bryan Voltaggio’s restaurant Family meal, in Frederick.

“He wanted to do something for the people out of work in the Frederick community, and also down in Chevy Chase at our other restaurant Range. They're doing pizza and we’re doing ‘Furlough Fritters’ and it's had a really good response,” said James Vickers, Manager at Family Meal.

‘Furlough Fritters’ are one a popular menu item at Family Meal. It's a chicken pot pie that’s reduced down and made into a popper. Over at the Flying Dog Brewery, furloughed workers are able to get a free tour of the brewery, along with beer samples.

Being so close to D.C. and being a local brewery to the D.C. area and having so many people that live in the Frederick area that commute down to D.C. we just wanted to do something, since they don't have much else to do,“ said Erin Weston of the Flying Dog Brewery. And some furloughed workers say they are bored at home.

“Bored and trapped, so you got to get out, reunite with coworkers. There's only so much cleaning you can do at home, so, to get out in a gorgeous day it’s awesome,” said furloughed worker Michael Lee.

Both local businesses say, during the government shutdown, it’s something there doing for the community, to show them they’ve got their support.Family Meal says they’ll continue to serve the furlough fritters until the shutdown is over. The Brewery will be offering free tours throughout the day Saturday on a first come first serve basis.

Flying dog is also hosting several events that are open to the public throughout month of October, it is the first ever Maryland Beer Month. You can find out more about that at

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