Freedom's Run Route Changes Due to Govt. Shutdown

Freedom's Run Route Changes Due to Govt. Shutdown

The Freedom's Run is still set for this weekend, but the route has been changed due to the government shutdown.

SHEPHERDSTOWN, W.Va. - It's time for the annual Freedom's Run that draws in runners from across the country. But because of the government shutdown, the entire course is being changed at the last minute.

"We started planning an alternate route because we are not going to cancel the race," said Lois Turco of Freedom's Run. 

The route normally goes through the Antietam Battlefield, but this year officials say it's not likely. 

Organizers of the 26 mile race say it's time for plan B.

"The route is up German Street, down eventually coming back to Shepherdstown and rerunning the same route," said Turco.

While organizers have to change the course, runners from all around the nation say they couldn't be more excited to participate.

"Having to basically reroute it in two weeks almost every race going through national parks is cancelled. This is one of the few that managed to be still going. It's impressive," said runner Jeremy Litchfield of Freedom's Run.

Officials say the alternate route is expected to be a fun, scenic and historic route. 

Shutdown or not, they say the race is on.

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