Frequent Robberies Causes United Bank Branch to Close

Frequent Robberies Causes United Bank Branch to Close

The United Bank on Berryville Avenue in Winchester will be closing in December and relocating to North Cameron Street.
WINCHESTER, Va. - The United Bank branch on Berryville Avenue will be closing by December 18, 2013. 
The bank has been robbed five times since 2010, an issue that has worried its employees.
A security guard was their temporary solution but not a permanent one and now, it has left them no choice but to close for the sake of safety.

The bank will be relocating to North Cameron Street. Bill Buettin, president of the Northern Shenandoah Valley United Bank branch says he believes there will be no job losses and the current employees will be transferring to other locations in Winchester.

Buettin and Winchester Police Crime Prevention Specialist, Lauren Cummings says the cause for all the robberies may be due to the bank's proximity to the interstate. A wooded area is also located behind the bank, making it easy for robbers to slip in and out of sight.

One local pastor says he has seen some of the robberies, all committed by men who were not from the area.

"A lot of the robberies that I've observed have been out of town people and it's a very easy place for them to get back onto the interstate," said Pastor Bobby Alger, who is a frequent customer.
Some locals who use the bank frequently says the new location may pose as an inconvenience for them.
One woman who works in the same plaza as the bank is not too happy about the move.
"The whole reason of going to the bank was because it's right here in the parking lot so now, we're going to have to take time out of our day for me to go down to the new location," said Rose Peer, a frequent customer.
With North Cameron Street located in the busy downtown area, traffic is not exactly what many look forward to just to do simple transactions.
"I can just go down seven and go to a bank right there instead of going into town where you're going to be dealing with more traffic and whatnot," said Stephanie Novak, frequent customer.
It is a closing that may cause customers to go out of their way to the new location but they say it is a safe solution to prevent the rash of robberies.
The bank will be closed by December 18 by 2 p.m. For a list of other branches you can head to in Winchester, click here.
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