Funding for FBI Building Moves Forward

Funding for FBI Building Moves Forward

The U.S. House of Representatives has passed the Omnibus Spending Bill, and in it are funds allocated for a new FBI building in Frederick County, Virginia.

Frederick County, Va. - With the help of Congressman Frank Wolf (R-10), the FBI selected Frederick County to build their new Records Management Complex, which would house all of their documents since the agency's inception.

"It speaks volumes about Frederick County’s attractiveness to business, either new or existing that chooses to expand," said Frederick County Administrator, John Riley, Jr.

But without funding for the past ten years construction for the building stalled.

"What the scope of that project is now, we will find out as we move forward in the process, but the good news is, the funding is there," Riley said.

Now with the passage of the new Omnibus Spending Bill almost $100,000,000 have been allocated for the building, this was part of a $1.1 trillion budget passed by Congress.

"The original request that came through was roughly one million square feet of office building, warehousing, date collection centers, on approximately 100 acres,” Riley said.

An open field off of Woodbine Road in Clear Brook, was once considered a potential location for the FBI complex, but the deal fell through in 2007. Now all that's left are questions. No one in Frederick County knows when the building might be built, where it might be housed or what they think it's going to cost.

"I talk about the city of Winchester and Frederick County together as benefactors of this project, from where folks choose to live, where they shop, sales tax," said Riley.

While it's a step in the right direction, the Omnibus Spending Bill still needs approval from the Senate and President Obama.

The FBI currently rents a space that houses some of their documents off Tasker Road in Winchester.

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