"Funomenon" Supports Maryland Families

"Funomenon" Supports Maryland Families

It was a day of “FUNomenon” over at the Frederick Fairgrounds Saturday, all to support people in the community and beyond. WHAG’s Shayna Halper has more.
FREDERICK, Md. - The Frederick Fairgrounds was filled with excitement and entertainment Saturday for a day of family fundraising through the Patty Pollatos Fund.

“It's out biggest one of the year where we raise half a million for cancer victims in our community men, women, children,” says Debbie Williams of the Patty Pollatos Fund.

The fund supports those working to recover and cope and help pay medical bills.

All the money raised at the event, goes into the Patty Pollatos Fund, and whichever cause people chose to donate too.

“We're out here fundraising because I'm waiting for a heart transplant. Our insurance only covers so much of the costs of the medical procedures that I have to have,” says Angel Cregger of Walkersville, Maryland.

“My mom and I are here to raise money for my grandson Nathaniel. Nathaniel has Cerebral Palsy. Catherine has numerous ailments with her heart and stomach, and she's unable to work so there medical bills have piled up,” says Marcia Bell of Frederick.

People say events like these raise support and awareness by bringing the community together.

“One person can make a difference, but together we can change the world. It came from one person, Patty Pollatos, from her death, but look what we've done today,” says Williams.

Over 20 years, the Fund has raised over $8 million, that Williams says has gone right back into the Maryland Area to help people like Nathaniel and Angel.

“It really helps to make people aware of their neighbors and what their needs are and you can reach out locally,” says Cregger.

To help support those in the area who need it, head to www.ppfinc.org/‎

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