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Further Details into Winchester New Year’s Eve Homicide

The two men were allegedly arguing over a women who lived inside the apartment.

Winchester, Va. - A New Years Eve murder that happened at the 100 block of Williamson Road, is coming into focus for the Frederick County Virginia Sheriff's Office.

"On December 31 at 4:45 a.m., the Frederick County Sheriff's Office received a 911 call in reference to two males that were having a physical altercation," said Lieutenant Donald Lang.

The two men were allegedly arguing over a women who lived inside the apartment of where the homicide happened. They said she was present for part of the altercation and is a key witness in the case.

"Upon the deputies getting the residence and entering, they found one male deceased," Lang said.

The victim has been identified as Arthur Ray Harvey, 31, of Winchester. Investigators say Harvey was strangled to death.

"Over the course of the investigation it was determined that the other male, who called 911 was the second individual that was involved in the altercation," said Lang.

They said the prime suspect fled the scene after placing that call. Investigators are withholding his name and other additional information until they find arrest the prime suspect.

"Due to the fact that no arrests have been made and we are still in an-ongoing investigation, we are not going to release the name at that time," said Lang.

They have a lead however, and are working with the Commonwealth Attorney to investigate more evidence and leads before making any arrests.

The sheriff’s office filed search warrants with the Frederick County Circuit Court today to obtain phone records that they believe will help them with the case.

Once those records are made public, we will know the identity of the prime suspect in the investigation.

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