Gang Related Shooting Spree in Hagerstown

Gang Related Shooting Spree in Hagerstown

After a recent string of shootings in downtown Hagerstown, police believe they're dealing with a serious gang problem in the city.

HAGERSTOWN, MD- They're known to be violent, territorial and dangerous. Police say two nationally known gangs could be in our backyard.

"Based off witness testimony and investigation we learned that there was a shoot out between two groups of individuals in an alley," says Lt. Tom Langston, with the Hagerstown Police Department.

The color of their clothes and insignia's lead police to suspect they're dealing with the Crips and Bloods. Police think the several shootings from last week are all gang related.

"Based on our investigation we learned this is an on-going dispute with people associated with the Blood and Crip gang and that's the concerning thing," says Lt. Langston.

Police suspect the shootings are a result of the two gangs fighting. They encourage all residents to be on the lookout no matter what time of day it is.

Police say the gangs are engaging in dangerous criminal activity in broad daylight and are putting lives in danger every time they have a fight.

"There's three different houses that were shot at or struck during the shooting, school students on their way to school were allegedly shot at," says Lt. Langston.

Residents are encouraged to call police if they see large groups of individuals arguing or displaying any sort of weapons.

Police say no one has died as a result of the gang related shootings.

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