Good Samaritan Helps Save Teenager's Dog in Crash

Good Samaritan Helps Save Teenager's Dog in Crash

A Boonsboro teen was in a car accident with her dog last week and says a total stranger helped save her dog.
WASHINGTON COUNTY, MD -  They say the bond between dogs and their owners is one of the strongest.

For Taylor Calandrelle, 19,  and her Dalmation-Coon Hound mix, Baby, it was a bond that was nearly broken.

Last week, the pair was involved in a terrible car accident along Virginia Ave near the Rita's. Calandrelle car flipped over after she cut her wheel to avoid hitting a stopped car.

Calandrelle and Baby were both injured, but thanks to one total stranger they are both going to be just fine.

"She was my angel that day," says Calandrelle. "She stayed by my side and looked over me until the ambulance came, and she knew how upset I was about my dog. She took my dog for me and made sure she was ok."

The good samaritan, Jodi Grimes, saw the accident happen and ran to help. She held Calandrelle's hand throughout the whole ordeal and even took Baby to the vet.

"She's healing up really well," says Calandrelle, "she's acting like herself again, so that's all I could ask for."

Grimes says she's glad she was able to help and calls Calandrelle brave and an amazing young lady.

"I was just overwhelmed," says Calandrelle's mother Pam. "This woman helped her and was there for her."

Baby got 25 stitches, and Calandrelle is healing from scratches and bruises.

"If something would've happened to my dog," says Calandrelle to Grimes, "and you wouldn't have taken her to the vet, or she wouldn't have gotten her to the vet in time, I don't know what I would've done. I just appreciate your kindness, and your kindness gives me hope that not everybody in this world is bad."
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