Government Building Beefs Up Visitor Security

Government Building Beefs Up Visitor Security

"Basically, we just want to know who you are, why you're here, and where you're at."

FREDERICK, Md. - Winchester Hall, the Frederick County, Maryland government building is getting some beefed-up security improvements.

Dozens, sometimes hundreds of people, go through the doors of Winchester Hall each day. Now those people will be more closely monitored as the county strengthens its security policies.

"Basically, we just want to know who you are, why you're here, and where you're at," said Blaine Young, (R) - president of the Frederick County Board of Commissioners.

When visitors come to Winchester Hall, they'll walk up to the front desk, show a photo ID, sign into a log, get a visitor's badge, and then security guards will call the person the visitor is trying to see or make an announcement.

The badges will show which floor a visitor is going to.

"If we see somebody on the third floor that has a second floor badge, we'll know that they're probably not supposed to be in that area," said Heidi Keeney, building manager at Winchester Hall.

Those at Winchester Hall say they haven't had any specific issues so far, but they want to make sure everybody is safe after national tragedies, such as the Sandy Hook school shooting.

"The reason that we started the new procedures is because we take the security of the employees and visitors very seriously due to the recent events that happened throughout the country," Keeney said. "Every time something occurs, we take a look at the policies to see if there's anything we need to update."

Young says the changes are aimed at making your trip to Winchester Hall a safe one.

"At a lot of facilities, they actually have metal detectors, or they wand you, or some facilities they have armed security at the front door," Young said. "These are just some basic precautionary measures that we want to put in place not only to make sure that the citizens are safe, but also to make sure our staff feel safe also."

The changes will go into effect starting Monday, January 6th.

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