Government Shutdown Ripples Across Fort Detrick

Government Shutdown Ripples Across Fort Detrick

It's creating major hassles for federal workers and military members.
FREDERICK, Md. - The government shutdown hit day 10 today Thursday, and the effects continue to ripple across the area. One of those places is Fort Detrick, where it's creating major hassles for federal workers and military members.

A dreary day reflected the feeling at Fort Detrick, as those across the post cope with the effects of the government shutdown.

"Catholic services, the chapel, and CCD classes have been postponed until a new contract can be awarded," said Pam Tucker, program manager for Army community service at Fort Detrick.

Community events outside the post are postponed until the the shutdown is over.

"ID cards at the instillation are affected," Tucker said. "There's only one person working for ID cards, which has a very slow processing time. Soldiers and civilians need ID cards to do jobs and family members. This is just a backlog."

Frank Jackson had to cancel his ID appointment, and that's not the only issue he's dealt with.

"It affected my use of the commissary, which I habitually use as far as getting food items and stuff because of the great deals it offers," said Jackson, a retired IT specialist for the U.S. Army and the U.S. Air Force.

The commissary closed on October 1 and reopened on October 8.

Another effect of the government shutdown at Fort Detrick are piles of paperwork for employees to catch up on due to thousands of federal workers being furloughed for a week.

"We would like for the communities a whole to pay attention to everyone, your neighbors, people you see at your club and while shopping, and just try to take care of everyone until this is all over," Tucker said. 

Those at Fort Detrick continue to try to take care of the almost 2,000 military members on the instillation and help them deal with the consequences of the first government shutdown in almost 17 years.

Some other effects of the shutdown at Fort Detrick include a delay in training for both civilians and soldiers and moving expenses for soldiers going from one installation to another aren't being paid.
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