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Gun Stores Overwhelmed with Applications for Background Checks

As the deadline to purchase the soon to be banned firearms in Maryland approaches, many are rushing to local gun stores for final purchases.
WASHINGTON COUNTY, Md. -- As the deadline to purchase soon-to-be-banned firearms in Maryland approaches, many are rushing to gun stores to make last minute purchases.

"We've been slammed! Last weekend we set a record, we set an all-time record for our 50 years of business," said Thomas Pfarr of Hendershot's Sporting Goods in Hagerstown.

At the same time, this outpouring of gun purchases has caused a massive back log in firearm background checks.

Now, a new ruling allows those purchasing firearms to receive their weapons while the necessary background checks are still being conducted. 

"People who purchase a gun prior to October first, can come in and pick up that gun after October first, without having to get a hand gun qualification license," said Pfarr.

Although customers have been able to purchase a gun even while background checks are not complete, Pfarr says they still use precaution before handing a gun to a customer.

"We try to screen people to look for star purchases. We try to be on the lookout for things where it does not look right. We have the ability to check the Maryland judiciary for local cases," said Pfarr.

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