Habitat for Humanity Rehabs WWII Veteran's Home

Habitat for Humanity Rehabs WWII Veteran's Home

The veteran says his 7th Street home hasn't been worked on since 1966.
FREDERICK, Md. - Volunteers in Frederick marked this anniversary of September 11th by rehabbing the home of a World War II veteran for Habitat for Humanity's September 11th Program.

U.S. Navy Seaman First Class David Ezra will never shake his vivid memories of the war, where he witnessed men lose their lives in the Pacific Ocean.

"The things that they call torpedoes got past them, and it hit the ship next to us," Ezra said. "It jarred us, but nobody on the ship was saved."

Thanks to the help of some local volunteers, he will make some more peaceful memories in his home.

"Tony, the owner of Phoenix Rising, is one of the most patriotic people you can meet, and for us to get involved with the project like this is something really special," said Garrett Conners, senior foreman with Phoenix Rising.

Habitat for Humanity of Frederick County and Phoenix Rising are sprucing up Ezra's home. The veteran says his 7th Street home hasn't been worked on since 1966.

"Well, I'm glad to see them," Ezra said. "I am glad to see these nice, good-looking people. I got to say they're good looking, and these are hard workers, these young men."

Volunteers are sanding and painting Ezra's porch. Then they'll replace both the posts on his porch, and finally, all of the windows on the second floor will be replaced.

"It's an honor to do a project for a veteran, especially on September 11th. All of our fallen heroes have sacrificed for us," said Ken Gardner, construction project manager for Habitat for Humanity of Frederick County.

Now volunteers are coming together to help Ezra, who believes everyone is young at heart.

"I couldn't do it myself at my young age. It's like when I go over to the hospital to get my coffee. I say, 'Look at all these young people,' and oh my, they laugh and thank me. I call everybody young, including all of them over there," Ezra said, pointing to the volunteers.

It may just be a coat of fresh paint, but to this 88-year-old veteran, seeing the volunteers on September 11th makes his home look as young as he feels at heart.

Habitat for Humanity of Frederick County is always looking for veterans' home to improve and for volunteers to help them do it.

They're especially looking for veterans in the areas of 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th Streets in Frederick. For information on how you can volunteer, or if you're a veteran who would like some help with your home, click here.
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