Hagerstown City Farmers' Market Celebrates 230 Years

Hagerstown City Farmers' Market Celebrates 230 Years

The farmers' market held a birthday celebration with vendors, a cake-cutting ceremony and lots of fresh food on standby.
HAGERSTOWN, MD - For locals that live in Hagerstown, the City Farmers' Market on West Church Street is a popular choice for residents to purchase fresh produce and meat.

The market celebrated its 230th birthday Saturday. It stands as the oldest, continuously active operating farmers' market in the state of Maryland. It is also the second oldest farmers' market in the United States.

There was a cake-cutting ceremony, giveaways, vendors selling fresh food and treats, and handmade accessories.

This celebration served as a 'thank you' to all the customers and vendors that has helped the market last through its 230 years of longevity.

"We kind of look at it as if you've got the rarest gems. You have the Town Founders' Home which most communities would love to be able to say they have, and you've got the City Farmer's Market which is an entity that's been in business for well over 200 years now," says Gala Shoop, market event coordinator for the City of Hagerstown.

One woman has been a vendor at the market for 16 years and she says all her produce are offered fresh at a good price.

"You could still get a lot of your homegrown, local produce at this market. 99 percent of everything I have today is grown by my husband in Boonsboro," says long-time market vendor,Edwina Beachley.

The market carries a historic background many residents know about. It was once proclaimed by the General Assembly of Maryland that a market house be built in the
Town of Elizabeth after the 20th day of August 1783.

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