Hagerstown Locals Remember History of City Park

Hagerstown Locals Remember History of City Park

Hagerstown City Park has kept its tradition of bringing music to locals for decades.

HAGERSTOWN, Md.It was all about American rock and roll at the Hagerstown City Park Sunday.

Dozens of locals gathered to listen to musical duo Brian Keith and Kerch perform popular cover songs on stage.

But Hagerstown natives Ruth and Paul say this wasn't the first time the park has offered free musical performances to the public. They say they spent many days at the park together when they were in high school in the early 70’s.

"We spent many fond Wednesday evenings at the park listening to rock concerts and walking around and enjoying the beautiful scenery and the landscape,” said Hagerstown native Ruth Ward. “So when we have an opportunity to come back and visit in Hagerstown. I’m living in Baltimore now [so] it's very nostalgic."

Ruth and Paul say that until recent years, they had not been back to Hagerstown City Park together since 1974.

"Ruth and I were high school sweethearts and we kind of split and rejoined after about 40 years," said Hagerstown native Paul Brown.

Although the couple still lives in separate states, they try to meet up at the place where they fell in love many years ago.

"Every time we come to Maryland, we try to go to the park first," said Brown.

They say not much has changed at the park.

"I mean it's pretty much the way we remember it," said Brown.

"And it's wonderful that the city has embraced the park and has created so many improvements,” said Ward. “We haven't been here for a long time but it's obvious that it's still an integral part of the city."

The Hagerstown City Park is a special place these high school sweethearts are thankful to have to this day.

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