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Hagerstown Woman Arrested in Connection to Death of Infant

A Hagerstown woman has been charged with manslaughter for the death of her 2-month old infant.
HAGERSTOWN, Md. - A Hagerstown woman was arrested in connection to the death of her two month old infant Saturday morning. 

Officials with the Washington County Sheriff's Office say it happened around 6:55 a.m. near the 11200 Block of Scarlet Oak Drive in Hagerstown.

The infant's mother was reportedly intoxicated and lost consciousness while attempting to breastfeed.

Officials say the infant was taken to Meritus Medical Center where she was pronounced dead.

The mother, identified as Yadina Indira Morales, 22, of Hagerstown has been charged with one count of manslaughter, one count of child abuse in the second degree, one count of reckless endangerment, one count of neglect of a minor, and one county of contribute to condition of a child.

Morales has been released, according to the Washington County Sheriff's Office.

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