Hagerstown Woman Celebrates 101 Years

Hagerstown Woman Celebrates 101 Years

Catharine Stockslager turned 101-years-old this year. She's been celebrating her birthday on September 11th since 1912.

HAGERSTOWN, MD - Many families are remembering the 9/11 tragedy from 12 years ago.

For one family in the Four-State Area, they've been celebrating September 11th as a special birthday since 1912.

Catharine Stockslager turned 101-years-old this year.

"Well you have to have a Bucky to live that long," says Stockslager of her son Charles "Bucky" Stockslager, Jr.

Bucky is modest at 72, and helps care for his mother who was born the year the Titanic sank, has lived through both World Wars and now the War on Terror.

But her life has also seen the joys of the world over the past century, and her love and positive attitude are contagious.

Catharine moved to Hagerstown in 1919 when she was seven.

"We lived in the north end of Hagerstown and my mother would let me go up to the terrace and it was a grand place to skate up there," she says.

Catherine's father took her to watch a parade in 1920 when she was only eight. That's when she first heard the Hagerstown Municipal Band play.

"I always loved music," she says. "So he and I went to go see this parade and the Municipal Band led it, and boy it was just wonderful."

A tradition she now enjoys with her son Bucky, who says through the joys of her life, his mother hasn't lost perspective of the struggles she has seen over the past 101 years.

Ironically that balance is exactly how she views her milestone birth year on a somber day.

"It's a blessing for her to have her birthday on this day so we celebrated 9/11, and then we still celebrate 9/11 but we remember," says Bucky.

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