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Handley Regional Library Tackles with Financial Struggles

The government cuts in funding have caused the library to cut its hours, lay off its employees and even distribute furlough days.
WINCHESTER, VA - School is back in session meaning more kids are spending more time at the library.
However, that has not been the case for the Handley Regional Library. Operating hours have been cut due to the government's short funding.
"I think that we need to get back to fuller hours, yes. People just need times to come in and come evenings when the library's opening particularly families that has children and they all want to come together," says Trish Ridgeway, director of Handley Library.
Lobbying and fundraising have been their only ways to trudge through. The staff has not had raises in more than three years and some were even laid off, something the library had no control over.
"Government funding is a big part of our budget so if the government is suffering, so are we," adds Ridgeway.
Handley's proposed budget for 2013 to 2014 is over $2 million dollars, an amount that is still not enough to restore hours and keep its employees.
"We are still having to fundraise every year to overcome having furlough days that we would be closed and we are closing nights that we used to be open," adds Ridgeway.
A new director will soon be replacing Ridgeway as she retires but she says the future of Handley is worth the fight.
Along with the plans, the library hopes to open more branches in Frederick County within the next ten years, and find a larger facility in Clarke County.
Money from the fundraisers goes towards operating costs. The last fundraiser was a mystery-murder production that raised over $6,0000.
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