Health Concerns Raised on Capital Hill Over Energy Drinks

Health Concerns Raised on Capital Hill Over Energy Drinks

Energy drinks remain popular despite debate over energy drink safety on Capitol Hill.

HAGERSTOWN, MD- Using flashy names, trendy images, and bright colors; energy drinks are hard to miss when walking down the aisle of a drug or grocery store.

"They're very popular especially younger generations like monster, red bull, all of the above," said Mark Wright of Central City.

This week the concern over the safety of these drinks has risen, causing a hearing on Capital Hill. While there is currently no legal age restriction to buying the popular energy drinks, last year a family in Hagerstown took legal action when their daughter died after drinking Monster Energy drinks.

But the popularity of these drinks has continued to remain strong, especially among teens according to workers at Central City.

"Some of them are 16 ounce cans and bigger I’ve seen kids drink three or four of them in an hour. There is no research to say they are beneficial," said Michael Madsen of PHARMD.

While many continue to purchase energy drinks as part of their regular diet, some say they are planning to quit altogether.

"That's why people have heart problems but I stopped every time I would drink one I could feel it. It's too much I gotta stop this,” said  Londet Srun of YMCA.

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