Heating Bills Expected to Spike this Winter

Heating Bills Expected to Spike this Winter

The government predicts heating bills will be on the rise this winter, especially for households who use natural gas.
HAGERSTOWN, Md. - The cold weather is slowly making its comeback and that can only mean cranking the heat indoors. However, there could be bad news. The government predicts heating bills to rise this winter. 

resident, Tina Reedy pays about $1200 to $1400 a year for her heating bill, a number that is expected to go up.

"It does worry me on how you would actually be able to cover the increase as far as your electric goes since it's a necessity," said Reedy.

Households who use natural gas, electricity and propane will notice higher expenses than those who use heating oils.

"I believe it's a supply in demand and with the change of seasons, you go from all electric summertime cooling to different sources of heating in the winter," said Robert Kochera, vice president of Valentine Electric.

Kochera says residential communities mostly use heat pumps and commercial buildings use natural gas, a resource that is on supply and demand.

"People that have heating oil suffer the most because that's what fluctuates the most is actually fuel heating kerosene," said 
Maryland resident, Joe Metcalf.

While this increase will affect households nationwide, the state of
Maryland may not be hit too hard as other locations.

"They lead the way in the energy conservation and
Maryland here and all the jobs we go out and do, we are under a strict energy code where we apply certain types of controls on lighting and heating and cooling systems," said Kochera.

Just over half of the
U.S. households use natural gas for heating, and experts say those households may see a dramatic price spike.

The best way to save money for all heat users is to turn the thermostat down and turn off all electrical appliances.

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