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High-Tech Police Training Range Operated by Tablet

"It requires the officer to react quickly, identify a target or what's not a target, and take the appropriate action."
FREDERICK, Md. - The Frederick City Police Department has a new high-tech firearms training range, and there isn't another like it in the entire country.

"We can put a bad guy or a good guy, based on a paper target, on a running-man system, and then it's a shoot or don't shoot scenario," said Lt. Clark Pennington, spokesman for the Frederick City Police Department.

The Frederick City Police Department now has targets that run at different speeds. The targets also turn from side to front, and this is all thanks to a $100,000 investment from the FBI. It replaces a system nearly 15 years old. 

"This is going to facilitate great training opportunities for everybody, whether it be the FBI, other local jurisdictions, certainly the FPD, and I'm very excited to use it," said Sara Evans, a student officer.

Pennington says the moving targets give student officers a taste of what life is like on the street.

"It requires the officer to react quickly, identify a target or what's not a target, and take the appropriate action," Pennington said. 

This firearms training range is the only one in the nation to be completely wireless and run from a tablet.

"It's a completely computerized training system, so we can change the amount of time that a target will turn and face the officer, and the delay between the targeting system. Under the old system, when one turned, they all turned," Pennington said. 

Almost a dozen federal, state, and local agencies will also train on this range.

"We're progressive," Pennington said. "We've identified a need through training, and we were able to reach out to our state and federal partners to obtain the funding to put in such a phenomenal range."

It's a range those at Frederick City Police say is a shot in the right direction.

Besides the FBI, Maryland State Police, Fort Detrick, the Federal Air Marshal Service, and police departments from Thurmont, Gaithersburg, and Rockville will also train on the range.
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