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Incident Reported Near Walkersville McDonald's

Frederick Street in Walkersville was shut down Thursday for nearly two hours after police say they received the call of a man in his car with a gun.
FREDERICK COUNTY, Md. - Frederick Street in Walkersville was shutdown Thursday for nearly two hours. 

Police responded to the parking lot of the Glade Valley Medical Center on 15 E. Frederick Street around 12:40 p.m. for the call of a man in his Jeep Grand Cherokee with a gun. Officers say the man was unresponsive for nearly an hour after they arrived, slouched over his steering wheel with a long gun beside him. 

Officers say the man was unresponsive to police commands and emergency equipment, creating an unstable situation. Police say the man appeared to be sedated but was also seen moving his hands up and down. Additional troopers from the Frederick Barrack responded to the scene, along with supporting units from the Maryland State Police Aviation Division, Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division, K9 SWAT, negotiators and the Frederick County Sheriff's Department. 

When he became responsive police say they found the man did have a muzzel loader, and say he was on a new prescription narcotic that made him sedated, so he pulled over. 

Local businesses in the area temporarily closed as police swarmed the street. 

"It was a volatile situation. We didn't know if it was a suicide attempt, or if this person had a vendetta against someone, you know at a local business," said Det. Sgt. Wayne Wachsmuth. 

Frederick Street is now open, and the man is not facing any charges. Troopers seized the firearm while the investigation is ongoing. 
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