Jefferson County Man Sues Potomac Edison for Over Billing

Jefferson County Man Sues Potomac Edison for Over Billing

A Jefferson County man is suing Potomac Edison after he says he was over billed a few thousand dollars.

JEFFERSON COUNTY, W.Va. - A Jefferson County man is suing a local power company after he says he was over billed a few thousand dollars. You'll recall that Potomac Edison's billing practices have come under fire this year when it was revealed they weren't reading meters as often as they should.

With a stamp by the Jefferson County Circuit Clerk, the civil lawsuit by John Kilroy of Shepherdstown against Potomac Edison is official. Andrew Skinner; Kilroy's attorney filed it. 

"This consumer was receiving bills for $100 to $150 dollars just about every month, and then all of a sudden he got a bill for $3,159 dollars," said Skinner. "You could imagine his shock at getting such a large bill.

Skinner claims illegal billing practices by Potomac Edison. He says back in May his client received a bill for more than $3,000 dollars. Kilroy then filed a complaint to the West Virginia Public Service Commission.

The attorney says both parties came to an agreement where the Shepherdstown resident had to pay half the amount. But just a month ago, Skinner says Kilroy received a bill from Potomac Edison showing he still owed more than $3,000 dollars.

"My client had to tried to work things out. He has continued to get these bills for $3,000 every single month after month," said Skinner. "Each of these bills showed incorrect information, even though Potomac Edison knew differently." 

Skinner says he sent letter to Potomac Edison to correct the mistakes, but never received a response. He says he hopes now Potomac Edison will not take its' customers for granted. 

"It about making sure that Potomac Edison does the right thing going forward," said Skinner. "It is important for a utility company especially to bill accurately, in that way customers know what they are expected to pay every month." 

Skinner expects the civil trial to begin in December 2014 or January of 2015. He expects to file more civil lawsuits on behalf other Potomac Edison customers in the Eastern Panhandle.

Potomac Edison officials say they won't comment until they review the lawsuit.

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