Judge Sentences Jeffrey Miles on First-Degree Murder Charge

Judge Sentences Jeffrey Miles on First-Degree Murder Charge

A judge ruled Thursday that convicted murderer Jeffrey Miles will spend life in prison for killing a Hagerstown woman in 2010.
FRANKLIN COUNTY, Pa. - Convicted murderer Jeffrey Miles, Sr. learned his fate this morning after a judge sentenced him to life in prison for the 2010 first-degree murder of a Hagerstown woman.

Miles had previously pleaded guilty to murdering Kristy Dawn Hoke in October. This week, testimony was heard to decide the punishment for the crime.

The judge made his decision immediately after closing arguments were made on the fourth and final day of the degree-of-guilt hearing.

When that verdict was read, Hoke's family burst into tears. They say they are happy Miles will never walk the streets again.

Hoke's 12-year-old-son, Darian Ingram, wrote a letter to Miles saying he took the most beautiful thing away from him and his two sisters.

"Our mom may not be here on earth, but she is still here with us every day," Ingram’s letter read.

Ingram says the loss of their mother has been hard on their family.

"Sometimes, Olivia, she'll like start looking around and she'll see pictures and she'll ask when mom's coming back,” said Ingram. “And we'll just tell her we don't know yet. she's on vacation or something."

Hoke's family sat in court while District Attorney Matt Fogal told the judge why Miles should be convicted of first-degree murder, the most severe of the possible sentencing charges.

Fogal argued the crime Miles committed was premeditated, a factor that is required to convict someone of first-degree murder.

It was not a Romeo and Juliet story of forbidden love Fogal said, but rather, a story of a beast that attacked the beauty with the intent to kill. Fogal told the courtroom Miles's testimony that he and Hoke were in love was not true.

Using Miles's notebook as evidence he said Miles did not kill in a moment of passion. He argued Miles knew he was going to kill Hoke before the attack.

While Defense Attorney Eric Weisbrod argued for the lesser third-degree murder conviction, the judge said the scientific evidence provided by Dr. Samuel land on day two of the hearing provided "compelling" proof that the attack was "designed to kill."

Dr. Land testified Hoke had been stabbed with a pair of scissors more than 50 times in the face, neck, and body. He also said she had dozens of defensive wounds, proving she had been alive and fighting for her life during the attack.

For most of the day, Miles sat in court with his eyes closed and his head down.

Hoke's mother says she is happy with the verdict but cannot understand why Miles did not show much emotion in court.

"I’ll never, ever get over my daughter’s death. There’s no way you can forget about it,” said Hoke’s mother Bevery Duroraw. “And I’ll never forgive [Miles]. Never ever will I ever forgive him."

For now, the family says they are going to focus on remembering Kristy as a kind and caring mother.

"If we were sad, she would like cheer us up and she spoiled us," said Ingram.

In 2010, Miles was also charged with the murder of Angie Daley, who was missing for 15 years before her remains were found.

"I feel just as bad for Angie Daley's parents because their daughter went missing for a good bit of years and I can just imagine how they felt...not knowing what happened to her," said Ingram.

Miles is being held at the Franklin county jail until he is transported to a state prison.

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