Kids Bring Food to the Table for Families in Frederick County

Kids Bring Food to the Table for Families in Frederick County

One program with many volunteers in Frederick County, Md., is helping feed the community.

FREDERICK COUNTY, MD - Some of them are not old enough to have a job just yet, but they’re bringing food to the table for their families.

“Every single day when I go home, I'm dying to tell my mom what we did today, and if we get fresh veggies, I’m excited to tell her “Hey, look we got fresh stuff,” said Walter Ventura, Farming for Healthy Futures participant.

The group is learning about making healthy choices, while farming. They’re growing fruits and vegetables that they’re able to bring home for their families, and share with others in need in the community.

“We work with the kids in Hillcrest and Waverly, they didn't have the luxury of eating fresh produce, so we gave them that luxury, and they work hard for it,” said Mike Dickson, founder of Seed of Life Nurseries.

Seed of Life and other agencies in the community are work together to farm for healthy futures. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention help fund the projects.

“If you eat better and are physically active and are less obese, there's less heart disease, less stroke, less diabetes, less hypertension, less cancer and that's what we're trying to accomplish,” said Dr. Donald Shell, director of the State’s Cancer and Chronic Disease Bureau. 

The State of Maryland received nearly $1.9 million from the Community Transformation Grant. The funding is distributed throughout the 19 counties in the State and goes right back into the communities.

“Based school research, the state has about 5.3 percent children in poverty, and Frederick County is 5.8 percent, so, we have work to do,” says Elizabeth Chung of the Asian American Center of Frederick.

About 75 families receive free produce through this program. Organizers say they have distributed 1,500 pounds of food to families so far. 

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