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KKK Literature Reported by Residents in Thurmont

Some residents say they are bothered by the literature, but police say no crimes have been committed.

THURMONT, Md. -- Residents saw something a little different outside their doorsteps Monday morning. It was not the best wakeup call but neighbors got a visit from the KKK Sunday night.

"They're doing it late at night, they don't want to get caught doing it," said John Kinnaird, mayor of Thurmont.

However some residents did catch the KKK in the act, throwing bags of literature onto doorsteps.

"You know, they're just spreading their hate and discontent. It's the only reason I can see them doing it. I think also just to garner some recognition through print media or through television," said Kinnaird.

Some residents say they woke up disappointed and disgusted.

Thurmont police said while they're littering, the act is protected by the Freedom of Speech.

"It could be considered littering or Freedom of Speech, and if we decide that we want to enforce that, we're going to have to enforce everything in town where people throw newspapers and so forth for their Freedom of Speech," said Chief Eyler, Thurmont Police Department.

Main Street and Boundary Avenue were some of the streets they visited along with cities like Emmitsburg and Frederick.

"To me they're littering. They're throwing trash in our streets. If our residents see it, please pick it up and throw it in the garbage," said Kinnaird.

Thurmont police say residents do not have anything to be worried about but rather, to simply ignore the flyer.

Police are not calling their act a recruitment but more so an expression of their opinions.

Chief Eyler says there is no criminal activity or complaints from neighbors as of the moment, but they will continue to monitor the neighboring areas.

If the flyer is on your doorstep, police say to throw it away. However, if it is in your mailbox, they advise you to call the police department so they can keep it for records.


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